Nike Air Jordans 8 Retro ‘Light Arctic Pink’ CN8093-816


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10C UK9.5 EU27 16CM, 1C UK0.5 EU16 7CM, 2.5C UK2 EU18 8.5CM, 2C UK1.5 EU17 8CM, 3.5C UK3 EU19 9.5CM, 3C UK2.5 EU18.5 9CM, 4.5C UK4 EU20 10.5CM, 4C UK3.5 EU19.5 10CM, 5.5C UK 5 EU21.5 11.5 CM, 5C UK4.5 EU21 11CM, 6.5C UK 6 EU22.5 12.5 CM, 6C UK 5.5 EU22 12 CM, 7.5C UK7 EU24 13.5CM, 7C UK6.5 EU23.5 13CM, 8.5C UK 8 EU25.5 14.5 CM, 8C UK7.5 EU25 14CM, 9.5C UK9 EU26.5 15.5CM, 9C UK8.5 EU26 15 CM


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